apple stem cell hyaluron mask

    Freshness cure for the skin

    The feel-good mask is soaked with a complex consisting of apple stem cells and valuable hyaluron. Stem cells are responsible for the self-renewal and protection of skin cells, the active ingredient hyaluron provides deep and lasting moisture. The natural aging process slows down the ability to renew cells and bind moisture, the neobömi mask’s combination of active ingredients delays the aging process, protects the skin and visibly improves elasticity and freshness.

    • creates a pleasantly fresh, healthy feeling skin
    • regenerating effect – the vitality of the skin stem cells is promoted
    • mimic wrinkles are smoothed and the skin becomes firmer
    • in combination with hyaluronic acid the skin is sustainably hydrated


    step 1
    Apply cloth mask to cleansed skin and smooth down

    step 2
    Allow to work for approx. 15-20 minutes

    step 3
    Remove mask and gently massage remaining residue into the skin

    the neobömi promise

    effect – feel and see

    The stem cells stimulate the skin’s collagen production and have a regenerating effect.

    Optimum moisture binding fills in wrinkles from within.

    The skin is protected and feels noticeably fresher and more elastic.

    NB Wirkung Wasser WF 0103 2 e1565624969869 - apple stem cell hyaluron mask
    neoboemi Dermatest Siegel ApfelstammzellenMaske - apple stem cell hyaluron mask

    trust – tested and recommended

    Our stem cell mask was awarded the best mark “very good” in the Dermatest test.

    Recommended by doctors and pharmacists..

    Made in Germany.

    natural – look and feel good

    The stem cells are obtained from the particularly long-life Swiss apple “Uttwiler Spätlauber”.

    Vegan. The hyaluron is obtained by biological fermentation.

    A naturally fresh feeling skin is promoted.

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    product information

    NB Apfelmaske Produktinfo RGB - apple stem cell hyaluron mask

    The neobömi apple stem cell mask is produced in a sustainable way.

    • content – 10 sachets
    • apply approx. 1x per week
    • for all skin types
    • Unisex
    • can be combined with other cosmetic products
    • vegan
    • without animal testing
    • free of dyes and preservatives
    • free of silicones and emulsifiers
    • non-perfumed

    The neobömi apple stem cell mask is the perfect complement to the symbiosis
    of skin care and mindfulness moments.

    Christopher B.

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