hyaluron hand cream

care and protection

The neobömi hand cream contains a moisturising complex of glycerine and hyaluron which effectively moisturises and keeps the skin supple. At the same time, the quickly absorbing cream with sun protection factor 15 protects against premature skin aging and pigment spots.

The active ingredient hyaluron binds moisture in the skin and provides the skin surface with a protective, invisible film. In harmony with natural chamomile, dry or irritated skin is soothed and supported during regeneration.

  • soothes and regenerates the skin and gives it new elasticity
  • moisture-binding with hyaluron and glycerine
  • contains calming chamomile flower extract
  • practical size for easy carrying


step 1
Apply a pea-sized amount from the fingertips to the wrist

step 2
The hand cream is absorbed quickly and the hands become noticeably softer

step 3
The sun protection factor 15 protects the hands from UV radiation

the neobömi promise

effect – feel and see

The glycerin and hyaluron complex effectively moisturizes and keeps the skin supple for a long time.

The texture with sun protection factor 15 prevents premature skin ageing and pigment spots.

The delicate formulation absorbs immediately without leaving a greasy film.

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trust – tested and recommended

Our hyaluron hand cream was awarded the best mark “very good” in the independent Dermatest test.

Recommended by doctors and pharmacists.

Made in Germany.

natural – look and feel good

The chamomile extract soothes dry or irritated skin and helps regeneration.

Vegan. The hyaluronic acid is obtained by biological fermentation.

A natural and supple feeling skin is promoted.

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product information

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The neobömi hand cream is produced in a sustainable way.

  • Ipractical 50ml tube
  • for daily use
  • for all skin types
  • unisex
  • with sun protection factor 15
  • vegan
  • without animal testing
  • free of dyes and preservatives

It is perfect for quick hand care in between. It absorbs particularly
quickly and completely into the skin.

Kerstin L. from Munich