the neobömi promise

It started with the desire to help a family member, on a very small scale, based on the experience of a practicing pharmacist. The resulting study of the active substance hyaluron for an acute medical case led to the realisation that the versatility and strengths of hyaluron could be used even more specifically than before for skin care.

The result was our first product, the neobömi tri-hyaluron serum with three different, coordinated hyaluronic acids. The quality, effect and natural feel convinced our customers to such an extent that we were able to develop into a brand for sustainable skin care with various hyaluronic products more quickly than we could ever have imagined.

Whether for our own family or for our customers our promise of effective, natural cosmetics and the highest product quality applies. Only as a result of our trustworthy, high-quality products have we been able to develop and only in this way can we fully back our products in good conscience.

Our brand promise is based precisely on this claim –


Our products are based on the body’s own active ingredient hyaluron. Only the purest hyaluron in the best possible concentration for the respective application is used. Because the goal of our “no nonsense” products is maximum visible effect combined with the highest tolerability.


A network of doctors and pharmacists supports us in with development. We only include our products in our portfolio once they have been awarded the hightest marks for their skin tolerability by independent research institutes. Quality you can trust, made in Germany.


Our products support the skin’s natural processes. Our formulations are reduced to the essentials and deliberately avoid unnecessary or controversial additives.

The result: high tolerability and a healthy, fresh feeling skin.

the pharmacist, owner and founder

Otmar Böckling

Böckling Health was founded in 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, by father, sports enthusiast and pharmacist Otmar Böckling.

feel unique with hyaluron

Our original product with the active ingredient hyaluron has been complemented by other products under the brand name neobömi. What unites our product range is the use of hyaluron and the goal of supporting a unique, natural feeling skin. It fills us with pride that all our products have been rated “very good” by the independent test institute Dermatest and that our products are so well received by our customers.

We would particularly like to thank our first customers for the trust they have placed in us and the many recommendations they have made. We see it as our responsibility to continue to live up to this trust with natural, effective products in the future.