DNA cream mask

Activation of skin cells

The selected DNA complex increases the activity of the skin cells and provides a visibly improved appearance to skin. The valuable hyaluron supplies the skin with important moisture. The interaction of the active ingredients supports the natural processes and the skin’s ability to regenerate.

The skin is padded from the inside and visibly supplied with new energy. Signs of tiredness and stress are immediately dispelled, resulting in an elastic, smooth and radiant feeling skin.

  • the activity of the skin cells is rapidly increased and the appearance of the skin improved
  • the natural regeneration of skin cells is supported
  • in combination with hyaluron the skin is sustainably hydrated
  • wrinkles are reduced, the skin feels visibly more elastic and smoother


step 1
Clean face thoroughly

Apply the DNA cream mask on the face and neck
and gently massage in

step 3
Leave on for about 15-20 minutes

step 4
Remove the mask with a cosmetic towel and gently massage in remaining leftovers

the neobömi promise

effect – feel and see

The skin’s own DNA metabolism and ability to regenerate are increased, e.g. after sunbathing.

Optimum moisture binding fills in wrinkles from within.

The skin is protected and the natural protection against UV rays is stimulated.

NB Wirkung Wasser WF 0103 2 e1565624969869 - DNA cream mask
neoboemi Dermatest Siegel DNACrememaske - DNA cream mask

trust – tested and recommended

Our DNA cream mask was awarded the best mark “very good” in the Dermatest test.

Recommended by doctors and pharmacists.

Made in Germany.

natural – look and feel good

The DNA complex is elaborately obtained in a biotechnological process.

The hyaluronic acid is obtained through biological fermentation.

A naturally fresh feeling skin is promoted.

NB Natural  Lemongras WF 0103 gezoomt - DNA cream mask

product information

NB DNA Maske Produktinfo RGB - DNA cream mask

The neobömi DNA mask is produced in a sustainable way.

  • 50ml pump dispenser for easy dosing
  • apply approx. 1x per week
  • for all skin types
  • unisex
  • can be combined with other cosmetic products
  • without animal testing
  • free of dyes and preservatives
  • free of silicones

Insanely refreshing! The cream mask is my rescue after a long day or a short night.

Florian B. from Berlin